Here’s a brief introduction of our building & also how to get to us, and the RubaDubRoots saloon.

Byggnad - Hörne - Ingång

Kungsgatan 20, 46131 TROLLHÄTTAN

We have no sign out on the street but when you see a restaurant called ” Akropolis “, our door is in the “ Center “ of the three doors shown in picture above.

“ Please note that the saloon is only open by appointments “

Stormen 2 - The Bulding

The facade of the assembly hall to Kungsgatan is unchanged. It has the character of a late-medieval German gilles house with the gable facing the street and windows in Gothic style. The set field contains symbols and the Swedish three crowns.

Stormen 2 - Frimärke - 1920

Alley Of Kungsgatan 20 In The 1920s

This is in fact an old picture of the “ Main Street “ of the small town of Trollhättan. And what’s so peculiar about this scenery is that it was an “ Original Stamp “ for letters in 1920s.


The building was built in 1903 as the house of ordinance for Svea within the National Goods Copies - NGTO. On the ground floor there was an "absolute restaurant" as well as a meeting room with estrad and stands. Later, the gathering hall has been used as a cinema and ping-pong church. Architect is Eugen Jacobi Thorburn from Bäve in Bohuslän. After studying abroad, he established himself in Gothenburg.