Here is our “ Dreadhead Tribe “ and ofcourse our loving little family.

Hanna - Hinterbergsee - Switzerland

Hanna Johansson - CEO Dreadlockmaker, CEO Hairdresser, Owner

I’m the one who will help you with your dreadlock dreams. After 6 years as a hairdresser I felt that I had to make a change in my life, just to get rid of all the stress and living a life that actually makes me happy and meet people that I like and have a lot in common with.

I started my company RubaDubRoots in March 2018  with some help of my partner Filip. From the end of this summer I’m working full time with dreadlocks and I just love it!

“ The time flies, dreadlocks is like meditation for me and I met so many awesome people. “

From the beginning I am a crazy animal, nature and yoga lover, growing up on the countryside with horses, dogs, cats and everything in between.

My happy place is of course out in the woods.

Filip - Hinterbergsee - Switzerland

Filip - Cosmic Creative Creature You Just Have To Meet

“ He is my cosmic creative sidekick and the love of my life. “

Filip is the one who is working on the website and he probably is music. Sometimes he is our private Dj, photographer, chef in the kitchen or running around playing with our cats, you never know.

Ruphert - On The Rooftop Terrace

Ruphert Scrivener

Ruphert is the one who will say hello to you at the door, he is like a bomb of energy. You’ll be hearing his voice and chants with guarantee. And he follows Filip everywhere at anytime 24/7, even in the air.

Milford - Sneaking Behind The Sofa

Milford Cubicle

Milford is our cosmic cat, he’s so special and don’t trust people he doesn't know but when you know him, he’s just amazing. He usually sneaks through the salon in the late afternoon or maybe lurking in the curtains looking at you.

Hubert - On The Roof

Hubert Cumberdale

Hubert is “ Ruphert’s “ brother, a bit shy. He normally spends his day sleeping in the salon, or just being cosmic crazy. He’s like the cosmic shadow following you, but never tell.