“ The long-haired one endures fire, the long-haired one endures poison, the long-haired one endures both worlds. The long-haired one is said to gaze full on heaven, the long-haired one is said to be that light ... Of us, you mortals, only our bodies do you behold "


Hanna - Switzerland

Hanna Johansson - RubaDubRoots - Owner

The method and technique that I use is one of the oldest to dread hair.

I have been learning this method at Seienstyle. It’s a mix of backcombing, crochet, twist and rip. This because it´s most widely adjusts after all kinds / types of hair. You might lose up to 5-15 cm of length, it depends on how your hair will react when turning into dreadlocks. If you have any worries about the lengths, well then you can always extend them. It’s also really funny to decorate your dreadlocks. You can wrap it with yarn, add beads or braids.

Another beautiful thing is partial dreadlocks, the ultimate bohemian look with long loose wispy ends of your dreadlocks to create more flow. If you walk around wondering about this, just contact me and I will answer your questions.


Ann-Marie - Seienstyle

Ann-Marie - Seienstyle

I can really recommend you to check out my teacher Ann-Marie’s website if you want to learn as much as possible about dreadlocks.


The Dreadle - Maxi Wolf

The Dreadle

I also have a really nice collaboration with Maxi Wolf who creates the amazing crochet I’m working with. A crochet that actually is really comfortable to work with hour after hour.

This is what she says about “ The Dreadle “ and her company.

Dreadle – What is it?

To crochet dreadlocks, to repair them or to do similar work with a common 0.5-1.0 crochet hook is nothing new! Usually you buy the hook in a dry goods store, where grandma buys her knitting needle. But after years of crocheting my own dreads, I know very well that these crochet hooks are not designed for such a use. They are lying uncomfortably in your hand, you get blisters and they break quite fast.

It was time to invent a new crochet dread hook, that was especially designed to make dreadlocks and of which the image is tenable. A robust and handsome tool with a handy grip was required.

And therefore, we created The Dreadle.